On-Demand Webinar | Website enforcement: Does Google’s policy change deliver for brands?

Upon being notified by brand owners, Google will now remove from search results links to pages on websites that list counterfeits. This as a step in the right direction – trademark owners no longer need a Court Order before Google will evaluate counterfeits in organic search.

However, Incopro has campaigned for a scalable solution to tackle widespread infringement. Under this new system, trademark owners are still not able to have entire websites that are dedicated to selling counterfeits removed from search results – only individual pages.

Hear from experts at Daniel Wellington, Wiggin, and Incopro on why Google needs to go further in tackling counterfeits.

On-Demand Webinar | Website enforcement: Does Google’s policy change deliver for brands?


  • Website infringement – the problem and challenges for brands
  • Google’s historic position on tackling fake websites – why it needed to change
  • Google’s new policy – what has changed and what brands need to know
  • Further change is needed – what else Google must do and how brands can collaborate to drive this

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  • Måns Sjöstrand

    Måns Sjöstrand

    Head of IP & Brand Protection, Daniel Wellington

  • Rachel Alexander

    Rachel Alexander

    Partner in the IP Litigation Group, Wiggin

  • Simon Baggs

    Simon Baggs

    President, Brand & Content Protection, Corsearch

  • Mike Sweeney

    Mike Sweeney

    Director of Service Delivery and Senior Legal Counsel, Incopro

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