On-Demand Webinar | Platform best practices: Prioritization & working effectively

As brands become increasingly reliant on platforms, how do they ensure that they — and their consumers — are best protected?

Taking insights from working with leading and emerging platforms from around the world and across hundreds of brands, our panel of Brand Protection experts share how to collaborate and work strategically with platforms to get the best outcomes for your business.

On-Demand Webinar | Platform best practices: Prioritization & working effectively


  • How to prioritize the key platforms most visible and frequented by consumers
  • How to prioritize high-risk infringements found on these platforms
  • Best practices for working with the e-commerce giants – Amazon, eBay, Alibaba & Facebook – to achieve your Brand Protection goals
  • How to address new threats from emerging platforms by factoring this into your strategy

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  • Helen Saunders

    Helen Saunders

    VP Product, Brand Protection, Corsearch

  • Svetlana Ilnitskaya

    Svetlana Ilnitskaya

    Director of US Customer Strategy, Corsearch

  • Sean Kolodji

    Sean Kolodji

    Senior Account Manager, Corsearch

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